Track session (6×1000m)

Still feel slow, but gradually getting there. Definitely felt better than the last two sessions.

17:06 min/mi1614 ft
27:37 min/mi1820 ft
37:26 min/mi1833 ft
47:22 min/mi1880 ft
57:13 min/mi1851 ft
67:22 min/mi1970 ft
78:31 min/mi1979 ft
0.39:26 min/mi1973 ft
Total55:217.3 mi7:35 min/mi186
6 ×4:10.21000m6:42 min/mi
Average1:40.7400m6:42 min/mi
WU9:020.97 mi9:21 min/mi160
14:101000m6:42 min/mi192
R2:21400m9:27 min/mi179
24:131000m6:47 min/mi192
R2:09400m8:39 min/mi172
34:091000m6:40 min/mi193
R2:21400m9:27 min/mi180
44:091000m6:40 min/mi192
R2:12400m8:51 min/mi169
54:101000m6:42 min/mi191
R2:21400m9:27 min/mi197
64:101000m6:42 min/mi197
WD9:491.06 mi9:17 min/mi197

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