Track tempo (4 mi @ LT)

Averaged pretty much dead-on adjusted Daniels LT pace which is pleasing. Final mile quite tough, legs still a bit tired from Sunday’s MP long run. This is what Pfitzinger is all about though – hard running on tired legs to get you ready for the final miles of a marathon…

17:58 min/mi163-8 ft
27:58 min/mi165-111 ft
37:50 min/mi171-41 ft
46:28 min/mi180-6 ft
56:27 min/mi192-3 ft
66:31 min/mi193-1 ft
76:25 min/mi194-2 ft
88:25 min/mi17148 ft
98:39 min/mi17376 ft
108:19 min/mi17413 ft
Total1:15:1410.0 mi7:30 min/mi177
124:213.07 mi7:55 min/mi166
225:574.04 mi6:25 min/mi191
3:390.03 mi25:39 min/mi186
410:331.27 mi8:19 min/mi169
513:421.62 mi8:27 min/mi174

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