Track tempo session (4 mi @ LT)

Was originally planning to do a parkrun at LT pace, but my bed was too comfortable! Upped the session to four miles as punishment. Hit my Daniels calculated LT pace dead-on, so pleased with the session.

18:34 min/mi157-9 ft
28:27 min/mi159-103 ft
38:15 min/mi165-14 ft
46:50 min/mi182-12 ft
56:49 min/mi188-1 ft
66:50 min/mi1880 ft
76:44 min/mi1892 ft
88:13 min/mi16934 ft
98:38 min/mi16982 ft
Total1:09:289.0 mi7:42 min/mi173
125:533.07 mi8:25 min/mi160
227:114.01 mi6:46 min/mi188
316:221.93 mi8:29 min/mi168

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