Wet and windy track session
(5×800m @ 5K pace)

Slightly misread the training schedule – should have been 5x600m, but what’s an extra kilometre between friends!? Hard work today in fairly heavy rain and a gusty wind.

18:29 min/mi1635 ft
28:24 min/mi160-135 ft
38:20 min/mi167-34 ft
47:22 min/mi173-11 ft
57:03 min/mi180-1 ft
67:00 min/mi183-0 ft
77:07 min/mi17712 ft
88:21 min/mi16139 ft
98:31 min/mi164119 ft
Total1:10:499.0 mi7:51 min/mi169
5 ×3:04.4800m6:10 min/mi
Average1:32.2400m6:10 min/mi
WU28:013.34 mi8:23 min/mi163
13:07800m6:16 min/mi185
R2:16400m9:07 min/mi172
23:03800m6:08 min/mi190
R2:19400m9:19 min/mi171
33:04800m6:10 min/mi188
R2:25400m9:43 min/mi173
43:06800m6:14 min/mi186
R2:22400m9:31 min/mi168
53:02800m6:06 min/mi188
R:1128m10:32 min/mi193
WD17:472.11 mi8:26 min/mi162

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