Medium-long run via Victoria Park

Pretty breezy today, so glad to be able to cut out the hills of Hampstead by running via Victoria Park instead. Can’t do this in deepest winter, but now the days are getting longer it’s light enough.

Lets felt pretty tired after two sessions and a long run since Friday, so pleased enough with the pace all things considered.

17:35 min/mi164-35 ft
27:26 min/mi169-8 ft
37:43 min/mi1703 ft
47:47 min/mi170-10 ft
58:00 min/mi16711 ft
68:08 min/mi1698 ft
78:02 min/mi1675 ft
88:07 min/mi17058 ft
97:55 min/mi169-22 ft
107:59 min/mi17116 ft
118:17 min/mi16729 ft
128:37 min/mi173178 ft
138:05 min/mi167-17 ft
148:11 min/mi1642 ft
Total1:52:1414.0 mi8:00 min/mi168
118:132.40 mi7:34 min/mi167
236:154.55 mi7:57 min/mi168
37:070.87 mi8:09 min/mi170
430:093.73 mi8:05 min/mi169
58:411.01 mi8:37 min/mi171
611:461.45 mi8:05 min/mi164

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