Windy but lovely and sunny long run

18:57 min/mi164-50 ft
29:10 min/mi168-37 ft
39:59 min/mi182177 ft
49:26 min/mi172-87 ft
59:54 min/mi166-123 ft
69:33 min/mi16717 ft
79:42 min/mi167-60 ft
810:04 min/mi173141 ft
1.09:22 min/mi17214 ft
Total1:25:509.0 mi9:34 min/mi170
116:291.79 mi9:10 min/mi167
211:011.10 mi10:00 min/mi179
323:392.45 mi9:39 min/mi168
434:113.47 mi9:50 min/mi171

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