Windy track session (3×1200m, 3×1000m)

Despite tired legs from the 12 miler yesterday, and a strong wind on the home straight, really pleased with the pace I managed for these. All intervals were within a second of each other too! Definitely one of my best ever track sessions.

18:50 min/mi1523 ft
26:50 min/mi175-3 ft
37:07 min/mi180-3 ft
47:21 min/mi1780 ft
57:55 min/mi171-2 ft
68:22 min/mi1751 ft
78:08 min/mi173-7 ft
89:19 min/mi154-1 ft
Total1:03:588.0 mi7:59 min/mi169
3 ×4:44.71200m6:21 min/mi
3 ×3:59.31000m6:25 min/mi
Average1:35.3400m6:23 min/mi
WU10:481.23 mi8:48 min/mi151
14:451200m6:22 min/mi187
R2:28400m9:55 min/mi168
24:451200m6:22 min/mi187
R2:40400m10:43 min/mi164
34:441200m6:20 min/mi185
R3:58600m10:38 min/mi159
43:591000m6:24 min/mi183
R2:54400m11:40 min/mi162
53:591000m6:24 min/mi186
R2:44400m10:59 min/mi163
64:001000m6:26 min/mi186
R1:09100m18:30 min/mi176
WD10:591.18 mi9:19 min/mi154

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