Windy track session (6×1200m)

Quite hard work on tired legs and in rather blustery, wet conditions. Thought it was meant to be summer still!?

19:07 min/mi1505 ft
26:54 min/mi171-1 ft
37:19 min/mi176-1 ft
47:23 min/mi1791 ft
57:24 min/mi176-3 ft
67:39 min/mi1733 ft
77:22 min/mi177-3 ft
88:40 min/mi161-3 ft
Total1:02:028.0 mi7:43 min/mi170
6 ×4:45.21200m6:22 min/mi
Average1:35.6400m6:22 min/mi
WU11:581.32 mi9:02 min/mi150
14:431200m6:19 min/mi187
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi159
24:401200m6:15 min/mi186
R2:44400m10:59 min/mi163
34:431200m6:19 min/mi187
R2:37400m10:31 min/mi163
44:511200m6:30 min/mi183
R2:58400m11:56 min/mi156
54:451200m6:22 min/mi185
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi161
64:491200m6:27 min/mi186
WD7:470.85 mi9:09 min/mi156

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