Work to home pace run

With four weeks to go until the Bristol HM I have switched my tempo runs from faster than HM efforts to HM pace efforts. My route from work to home to difficult to judge pace wise because of the hills at the end, so did first four relatively flat (but slightly uphill) miles at HM pace, then the remainder at roughly the same heart rate as the first four miles. Pleased with effort given the heat today.

17:51 min/mi183-18 ft
27:12 min/mi1840 ft
37:39 min/mi18549 ft
47:32 min/mi185-7 ft
58:43 min/mi186156 ft
68:33 min/mi18668 ft
0.18:54 min/mi1777 ft
Total48:146.1 mi7:56 min/mi185
17:120.97 mi7:27 min/mi184
22:560.39 mi7:27 min/mi181
36:020.78 mi7:43 min/mi186
410:521.41 mi7:42 min/mi186
58:311.06 mi8:03 min/mi186
68:320.98 mi8:43 min/mi187
72:360.29 mi8:53 min/mi179

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