11 mile LSR

Because of plans for the weekend I brought my long run forward to today and tacked on a long detour around Hampstead Heath to my usual run from work to home, bringing it up to 11 miles. I did it at a nice slow pace and didn’t really struggle at all, though my legs were definitely starting to ache towards the end!

18:52 min/mi1723 ft
29:11 min/mi17929 ft
39:33 min/mi17621 ft
49:18 min/mi17710 ft
59:42 min/mi18089 ft
69:03 min/mi169-29 ft
710:09 min/mi179217 ft
89:43 min/mi1750 ft
99:36 min/mi160-160 ft
109:38 min/mi16845 ft
1110:15 min/mi16963 ft
0.39:45 min/mi169-5 ft
Total1:47:5211.3 mi9:33 min/mi173
13:270.39 mi8:53 min/mi166
219:062.04 mi9:21 min/mi178
39:521.07 mi9:13 min/mi175
422:352.36 mi9:34 min/mi175
512:091.17 mi10:24 min/mi181
64:420.43 mi10:55 min/mi174
711:311.18 mi9:44 min/mi163
823:422.37 mi9:59 min/mi168

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