Around north end of Hampstead Heath

Wanted to squeeze another run in this week, so headed out early (for me anyway!) on Saturday. Despite forecasts of rain it stayed dry and was actually quite sunny in places. Unfortunately towards the end I tripped on a tree root and landed face first on the tarmac. Luckily I escaped with just a few grazes but no real damage. My Garmin also took a bit of a bashing but aside from a slightly damaged strap and a few scratches on the screen it seems ok. Oh well, I suppose I’ve done well to avoid any accidents until nearly 9 months in to running.

18:29 min/mi175-85 ft
29:12 min/mi185124 ft
39:25 min/mi18448 ft
48:42 min/mi179-24 ft
59:17 min/mi1815 ft
68:40 min/mi175-107 ft
78:06 min/mi15932 ft
0.28:31 min/mi16710 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:03:13 7.2 mi 8:50 min/mi177
1 8:50 1.05 mi 8:26 min/mi175
2 9:39 1.02 mi 9:26 min/mi186
3 8:08 0.86 mi 9:26 min/mi185
4 21:21 2.36 mi 9:03 min/mi179
5 7:09 0.75 mi 9:33 min/mi174
6 8:19 0.98 mi 8:30 min/mi159

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