Chilly recovery around the Severn

Legs feel almost completely back to normal now which I’m pleased about. Pace hardly stunning, but fairly pleased with where I am a week after the marathon. Certainly in a much better position than a week after Brighton earlier in the year. Hopefully the fitness will return relatively swiftly once I start building the mileage back up.

18:20 min/mi154-31 ft
28:52 min/mi1555 ft
38:30 min/mi154-1 ft
48:41 min/mi160-7 ft
59:01 min/mi1611 ft
68:53 min/mi15913 ft
0.19:07 min/mi16711 ft
Total53:256.1 mi8:43 min/mi158
153:256.12 mi8:43 min/mi158

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