Let’s get these legs working again then!

After a few days of cycling it was time to get the legs running again. They felt pretty good, still a little achey but no pain and it didn’t feel like too much hard work. HR was relatively under control, certainly far better than my first run after Brighton, where the HR was though the roof, and the pace slower than a snail! Will be gradually building the mileage back up using the P&D 5 week recovery plan, ready for an 18 week training plan for Brighton 2017 starting in December.

18:19 min/mi152-58 ft
28:43 min/mi16519 ft
38:48 min/mi17045 ft
0.19:03 min/mi1722 ft
Total27:003.1 mi8:38 min/mi163
126:593.13 mi8:37 min/mi163

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