Dulwich parkrun #220

Thought I might have a PB in me today so travelled down to Dulwich Park for what I’ve seen referred to as the fastest parkrun in London. It is indeed nice and flat, and has lovely wide paths to congestion is not an issue.

The aim was to try and stay under 6:00/mi. First mile went well and I was just about on target. However all the miles I’ve done recently started to show and my legs started to tire. Managed to hold on reasonably well but the PB slipped away. Still, decent sub-19 performance on tired legs, can’t be too unhappy with that!

13:395:51 min/mi152-9 ft
23:486:06 min/mi19011 ft
33:445:59 min/mi192-18 ft
43:566:20 min/mi19327 ft
53:415:55 min/mi192-15 ft
6:054:53 min/mi1970 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 18:54 3.1 mi 6:04 min/mi184
1 18:53 3.12 mi 6:02 min/mi184

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