Easy down to the City

HR still measuring a touch higher than the effort feels. I’m not sure if this is cold weather, an effect of the taper, or what, but the run felt very easy, and my legs feel great, so not worrying (too much!?) about it.

17:47 min/mi1668 ft
27:23 min/mi165-167 ft
37:33 min/mi167-80 ft
47:20 min/mi17219 ft
57:28 min/mi174-68 ft
67:45 min/mi1720 ft
0.18:45 min/mi15820 ft
Total46:146.1 mi7:34 min/mi169
114:591.97 mi7:35 min/mi165
214:481.99 mi7:26 min/mi169
316:262.15 mi7:39 min/mi172

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