Marathon “dress rehearsal”
(2 mi @ target MP)

I was all set for a sub-3:05 attempt at Frankfurt, aiming for 7:00/mi pace. However, after a few different discussions about my goal both on here and at the Runner’s World message board, the possibility of a sub-3 attempt was planted in my head.

My training certainly points towards the possibility, and with all the miles I’ve done I certainly should have the endurance. So today I decided to give 6:51/mi pace a go to see how it felt. I did it down at the track, as it’s the closest bit of flat land for running, and I didn’t want anything else influencing how the pace felt.

Warm-up went well, and I soon slotted in to a comfortable pace for the 2 miles at marathon pace. The breathing felt very controlled and the legs were turning over without any real effort. Averaged 6:51/mi, with an average heart rate comfortably in marathon HR range, even though at times it was monitoring higher than the effort felt (like my easy run yesterday).

So… given that 6:51/mi felt good, going for sub-3 means I can work with the pacing group, and the conditions forecast for Frankfurt are currently perfect – 10º and 2 mph winds – I think I might give it a go. I will assess on the day, depending on conditions and how I feel in the first few miles, but I figure it’s got to be worth a go… right?

17:44 min/mi1667 ft
27:21 min/mi165-135 ft
37:33 min/mi173-37 ft
46:54 min/mi175-2 ft
56:50 min/mi183-0 ft
67:40 min/mi16751 ft
77:51 min/mi17794 ft
Total52:057.0 mi7:25 min/mi172
122:573.03 mi7:33 min/mi168
213:512.02 mi6:51 min/mi180
315:161.96 mi7:46 min/mi172

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