Easy loop up to Hampstead

Definitely felt a bit better on today’s run. HR still perhaps a little high although it was a bit breezy up at the top of the heath.

17:32 min/mi165-56 ft
27:47 min/mi171-38 ft
38:53 min/mi180190 ft
48:12 min/mi178-2 ft
58:03 min/mi176-75 ft
68:20 min/mi175-56 ft
0.87:47 min/mi167-29 ft
Total55:086.8 mi8:05 min/mi174
114:401.92 mi7:38 min/mi169
29:371.09 mi8:49 min/mi179
319:312.38 mi8:12 min/mi177
411:181.42 mi7:56 min/mi169

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