Recovery run home

Slowly shaking off whatever bug I’ve picked up. Glad it’s just a slightly elevated HR and not developed in to a proper illness (touch wood!)

18:47 min/mi15513 ft
28:33 min/mi16212 ft
38:41 min/mi16538 ft
48:25 min/mi1618 ft
58:54 min/mi17082 ft
69:03 min/mi171133 ft
78:40 min/mi164-40 ft
Total1:01:147.0 mi8:43 min/mi164
122:302.59 mi8:41 min/mi160
222:222.58 mi8:39 min/mi165
39:191.01 mi9:11 min/mi172
47:020.83 mi8:29 min/mi162

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