Easy run w/9×100m strides

Much more positive run today – heart rate back down closer to where I’d like it to be. First time doing strides, not 100% sure I’m doing them correctly, but it’s nice to do a little proper fast running again. Hit the lap button by mistake early on in the run, hence nine instead of ten sets of strides!

18:18 min/mi15824 ft
28:14 min/mi167-14 ft
38:24 min/mi173-41 ft
48:38 min/mi1711 ft
58:52 min/mi171-10 ft
68:34 min/mi17210 ft
78:49 min/mi170-8 ft
88:10 min/mi18512 ft
98:18 min/mi184-5 ft
108:51 min/mi17918 ft
Total1:25:2610.0 mi8:31 min/mi173
122:412.73 mi8:19 min/mi166
2:290.06 mi8:01 min/mi179
336:424.21 mi8:42 min/mi171
4:170.06 mi4:42 min/mi180
51:350.18 mi9:02 min/mi184
6:190.06 mi5:15 min/mi179
71:430.19 mi8:49 min/mi187
8:190.06 mi5:15 min/mi187
92:280.27 mi9:08 min/mi185
10:180.06 mi4:58 min/mi181
111:570.20 mi9:47 min/mi185
12:200.06 mi5:31 min/mi170
131:590.22 mi8:56 min/mi186
14:190.06 mi5:15 min/mi181
151:520.20 mi9:11 min/mi186
16:180.06 mi4:58 min/mi179
172:060.23 mi9:11 min/mi186
18:180.06 mi4:58 min/mi183
193:220.36 mi9:15 min/mi183
20:180.06 mi4:58 min/mi179
213:440.42 mi8:53 min/mi178
221:510.21 mi8:52 min/mi176

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