Fast run (10K W7 R2)

This run nearly didn’t happen – I felt quite tired by the time I got home from work and the intermittent showers were offering a perfect excuse to stay inside, but I was determined to get out there no matter what. Once outside things didn’t get much better, with a reasonable breeze making life just that little bit tougher. I was seriously tempted to cut the run short at 4 miles, but dug deep and carried on ending up with a pretty reasonable pace all things considered. Felt really good afterwards, so it was worth struggling on!

17:58 min/mi163-51 ft
28:17 min/mi18149 ft
38:13 min/mi177-51 ft
48:20 min/mi18146 ft
58:15 min/mi179-51 ft
68:23 min/mi18344 ft
0.17:05 min/mi1917 ft
Total50:036.1 mi8:14 min/mi178
18:121.02 mi8:00 min/mi163
28:381.05 mi8:15 min/mi181
38:231.01 mi8:18 min/mi177
48:431.05 mi8:17 min/mi182
5:030.00 mi11:05 min/mi184
68:241.01 mi8:20 min/mi179
77:370.92 mi8:17 min/mi184

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