Fast run back from work

Originally planned to run the flat part of this run at around 8:20 min/miles and see how I got on once I got to the hills in the final two miles, but after a quick sub-8 first mile I decided to go for it and see how I got on. Kept the first four miles under 8 min/miles and managed not to slow down too much on the hills to end up with an average 8:10 min/mile pace, way faster than I’ve ever run this route before. Pretty pleased with the result, another confidence booster that my target HM pace will be doable!

18:03 min/mi170-26 ft
27:48 min/mi18211 ft
37:57 min/mi18434 ft
47:51 min/mi1843 ft
58:48 min/mi186203 ft
68:19 min/mi182-10 ft
78:21 min/mi18220 ft
0.38:11 min/mi18522 ft
Total1:00:017.3 mi8:10 min/mi182
14:500.58 mi8:17 min/mi166
212:301.59 mi7:51 min/mi181
314:261.83 mi7:52 min/mi184
45:070.59 mi8:42 min/mi188
58:240.96 mi8:42 min/mi184
614:441.79 mi8:13 min/mi182

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