Gentle run work to home

Feeling a bit tired after a late night watching Murray win his first Grand Slam title, so took it nice and steady back home today. Pace felt nice and easy even heading up the hilly bits which reassures me my fitness is definitely getting better.

19:15 min/mi160-12 ft
29:08 min/mi16217 ft
39:07 min/mi16320 ft
49:14 min/mi16511 ft
59:39 min/mi166202 ft
69:27 min/mi16431 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 56:00 6.0 mi 9:18 min/mi164
1 8:23 0.91 mi 9:15 min/mi161
2 25:11 2.75 mi 9:08 min/mi163
3 22:25 2.36 mi 9:30 min/mi165

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