Fasted long run (with 10 mi @ marathon effort)

Pace a little slower than my ultimate goal, 7:00/mi, but given I was running on an empty stomach, and tired after staying up late to watch the Olympics, I’m happy enough. Knackered by the end – refuelled with the recovery drink of champions, a large Mcdonalds strawberry milkshake

17:25 min/mi160-83 ft
28:01 min/mi173114 ft
37:53 min/mi17652 ft
47:21 min/mi166-212 ft
57:20 min/mi168-85 ft
66:57 min/mi177-24 ft
77:17 min/mi18229 ft
87:12 min/mi182-8 ft
96:59 min/mi181-30 ft
107:14 min/mi18423 ft
117:09 min/mi182-5 ft
127:03 min/mi184-5 ft
137:15 min/mi18410 ft
147:10 min/mi184-22 ft
157:09 min/mi18619 ft
167:56 min/mi173-5 ft
178:11 min/mi17257 ft
188:00 min/mi17345 ft
Total2:13:4918.0 mi7:25 min/mi177
138:105.01 mi7:36 min/mi169
21:11:3410.01 mi7:08 min/mi183
324:042.99 mi8:02 min/mi172

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