Warm recovery

HR sensor a bit wonky in the middle a as I didn’t have the watch on tight enough, so avg should be a bit lower.

18:33 min/mi145-57 ft
28:33 min/mi157-37 ft
38:57 min/mi171184 ft
48:19 min/mi171-28 ft
58:22 min/mi1690 ft
68:16 min/mi166-102 ft
0.37:52 min/mi167-30 ft
Total53:366.3 mi8:28 min/mi163
116:211.91 mi8:33 min/mi150
29:431.09 mi8:56 min/mi170
33:510.45 mi8:33 min/mi178
413:291.63 mi8:17 min/mi169
510:091.25 mi8:07 min/mi165

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