Fasted medium-long via Victoria Park

Pleased with the pace today, although felt like hard work at times due to empty stomach! Had a slight achilles niggle after my track session yesterday – no pain but a slight tightness and ache especially if I really stretched it. Could still feel something this morning so was prepared to cut this short. Felt fine while running though, and feels ok now. Still a bit of an ache when I really stretch it, but don’t think it’s anything to worry about and hopefully it’ll resolve itself. No pain during running which is the main thing I guess.

18:10 min/mi159-1 ft
27:20 min/mi161-147 ft
37:38 min/mi165-81 ft
47:37 min/mi170-9 ft
57:50 min/mi171-11 ft
67:27 min/mi170-31 ft
77:43 min/mi169-10 ft
87:42 min/mi1683 ft
97:38 min/mi170-11 ft
107:38 min/mi1693 ft
117:34 min/mi1698 ft
127:48 min/mi171-5 ft
137:49 min/mi1706 ft
147:48 min/mi1708 ft
0.17:29 min/mi170-3 ft
Total1:48:1614.1 mi7:41 min/mi168
118:122.35 mi7:43 min/mi161
216:512.19 mi7:42 min/mi169
36:510.91 mi7:30 min/mi168
413:061.70 mi7:41 min/mi171
537:414.91 mi7:40 min/mi169
615:321.99 mi7:48 min/mi170

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