Track session (5×1200m @ 5K pace)

Decent session today, legs felt pretty fresh. Was aiming for as close to 4:30 per 1200m as I could manage. However, they are repairing the inside lane of the track so had to run out in lane 3. Quick bit of maths suggests that is 1248m for 3 laps, so my goal works out as 4:41ish. Ran 4:42, 40, 43, 41, 45, so not too bad at all.

18:26 min/mi1591 ft
28:31 min/mi157-129 ft
38:33 min/mi164-34 ft
47:01 min/mi143-9 ft
57:00 min/mi1825 ft
66:43 min/mi1763 ft
77:16 min/mi174-2 ft
87:36 min/mi172-9 ft
98:12 min/mi16651 ft
108:48 min/mi16672 ft
118:53 min/mi16348 ft
Total1:27:2011.0 mi7:54 min/mi166
5 ×4:42.21250m6:03 min/mi
Average1:30.3400m6:03 min/mi
WU26:123.08 mi8:29 min/mi160
14:421250m6:03 min/mi137
R2:55400m11:44 min/mi156
24:401250m6:00 min/mi190
R3:04400m12:20 min/mi159
34:431250m6:04 min/mi187
R2:54400m11:40 min/mi159
44:411250m6:01 min/mi185
R3:10400m12:44 min/mi158
54:451250m6:06 min/mi181
R:2348m12:51 min/mi187
WD25:042.88 mi8:41 min/mi164

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