Lovely sunny recovery

Hampstead Heath looked lovely in the sunshine. Achilles feels good, much less tight when I woke up this morning, and twinge free when running. Hopefully on the mend and panic over!

18:17 min/mi144-57 ft
28:29 min/mi156-38 ft
38:44 min/mi173184 ft
48:22 min/mi16910 ft
58:22 min/mi159-82 ft
68:37 min/mi167-6 ft
78:41 min/mi156-47 ft
Total59:457.0 mi8:30 min/mi161
116:061.93 mi8:21 min/mi150
29:331.09 mi8:45 min/mi172
321:042.48 mi8:29 min/mi165
413:011.52 mi8:33 min/mi159

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