Outdoor tester around Muswell Hill

Pretty positive first outdoor run in almost two weeks. No pain, slight tightness towards the end but felt fine afterwards. Was tempted to do another lap of the two mile loop but erred on the side of caution. I’m pleased that the ankle seems to be continuing to heal even with the running I’ve been doing this week. Will try the six mile run home on Monday and I think it’ll then be decision time about the Bristol HM next week…

18:23 min/mi174-56 ft
28:21 min/mi18946 ft
38:35 min/mi185-50 ft
48:48 min/mi18745 ft
0.28:40 min/mi18613 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 35:30 4.2 mi 8:32 min/mi184
1 17:57 2.15 mi 8:21 min/mi182
2 17:31 2.01 mi 8:42 min/mi186

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