Cut it a bit short as I was feeling tired after a poor night’s sleep. No point overdoing it, trying to see the bigger picture. Still a decent week of training, and this stupid sore throat seems to finally be on the way out 🤞

17:58 min/mi1560 ft
27:55 min/mi1640 ft
38:04 min/mi170-1 ft
47:55 min/mi1745 ft
58:07 min/mi17628 ft
68:10 min/mi17354 ft
77:48 min/mi173-43 ft
87:57 min/mi175-30 ft
97:51 min/mi178-14 ft
108:00 min/mi18220 ft
118:05 min/mi18366 ft
127:58 min/mi18512 ft
137:18 min/mi173-45 ft
147:41 min/mi176-18 ft
157:47 min/mi178-37 ft
0.17:19 min/mi15912 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:59:19 15.1 mi 7:55 min/mi174
1 1:59:30 15.04 mi 7:56 min/mi174

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