Final big long run – let the taper commence!

Pleased with the pace despite a very windy day and occasional spring showers.Tried out the Adidas Adios 3 over the longer distance, seemed good with my legs not feeling any more beaten up than usual on a 22 miler. Think I will probably race Brighton in them.

Also tried out the High5 EnergyGel gels that will be available on the course at Brighton. They’re not super-thick and not too sweet, which makes them quite easy to get down. Stomach seemed happy with them so will stick to using them rather than having to carry something of my own.

17:11 min/mi170-59 ft
27:28 min/mi167-39 ft
38:18 min/mi175186 ft
47:39 min/mi175-86 ft
57:02 min/mi170-166 ft
67:20 min/mi172-75 ft
77:20 min/mi1709 ft
87:25 min/mi172-41 ft
97:29 min/mi17419 ft
107:32 min/mi171-11 ft
117:21 min/mi172-22 ft
127:14 min/mi171-25 ft
137:55 min/mi17425 ft
147:35 min/mi169-19 ft
157:42 min/mi17344 ft
167:44 min/mi16933 ft
177:44 min/mi1720 ft
187:45 min/mi17455 ft
197:46 min/mi175-1 ft
207:33 min/mi17515 ft
218:02 min/mi17553 ft
227:45 min/mi18292 ft
Total2:47:2022.0 mi7:35 min/mi173
114:141.94 mi7:19 min/mi169
29:021.09 mi8:15 min/mi174
320:272.80 mi7:18 min/mi172
47:190.99 mi7:24 min/mi172
58:421.19 mi7:20 min/mi171
624:003.21 mi7:28 min/mi172
717:502.35 mi7:36 min/mi173
811:541.56 mi7:38 min/mi172
98:131.06 mi7:43 min/mi169
1010:311.36 mi7:43 min/mi172
118:131.07 mi7:39 min/mi174
1217:232.22 mi7:50 min/mi176
139:261.20 mi7:51 min/mi180

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