Final big LSR before Royal Parks HM

Today was my last long run before I start to slowly ease back the mileage ahead of the Royal Parks Half Marathon in two weeks time. I ended up going a little faster than I had perhaps planned but it felt steady and comfortable the whole way so I didn’t worry too that I was maybe overdoing it. My performance definitely seems to have taken a big jump forward in the past week or two, and while I’m sure the drop in temperatures plays a large factor, it’s nice to think all the training is paying off too.

18:51 min/mi155-108 ft
29:11 min/mi169161 ft
38:56 min/mi1707 ft
48:58 min/mi159-215 ft
58:38 min/mi161-61 ft
68:56 min/mi163-26 ft
78:36 min/mi16929 ft
88:46 min/mi168-4 ft
99:09 min/mi16729 ft
108:44 min/mi1687 ft
119:22 min/mi16416 ft
129:00 min/mi16848 ft
139:10 min/mi174120 ft
148:56 min/mi166-49 ft
0.78:52 min/mi17547 ft
Total2:11:1014.7 mi8:56 min/mi166
110:391.20 mi8:54 min/mi156
29:501.05 mi9:20 min/mi173
35:450.65 mi8:51 min/mi169
418:062.03 mi8:54 min/mi160
524:492.83 mi8:45 min/mi166
614:371.66 mi8:47 min/mi167
719:522.21 mi8:59 min/mi166
89:341.02 mi9:22 min/mi174
910:131.14 mi8:56 min/mi167
105:380.64 mi8:48 min/mi174

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