Conquering the hills

Ever since I started running I’ve hated hills. The minute I hit an incline my heart rate and breathing quicken and my pace nosedives. However living in hilly North London I don’t have much choice about tackling them, and the hard work seems to be paying off. I’ve noticed finding hills gradually get easier over the past few weeks, and today I ran the hilliest section of my run from work to home, a mile long section which rises over 200 feet, at a pace of 8:37 min/mile, which is faster than I was running the entire route just a month or so back. What’s more, I ran it at essentially the same pace as my fastest 10K, despite it being a longer distance ending up 300 feet higher than the start. Very pleased with that indeed!

17:57 min/mi164-24 ft
27:42 min/mi18014 ft
37:43 min/mi18123 ft
47:48 min/mi1829 ft
58:21 min/mi185197 ft
68:13 min/mi180-6 ft
78:06 min/mi18023 ft
0.37:49 min/mi18521 ft
Total58:277.3 mi7:58 min/mi179
17:380.96 mi7:58 min/mi164
25:140.69 mi7:33 min/mi180
37:230.93 mi7:56 min/mi181
48:281.11 mi7:38 min/mi181
57:060.89 mi7:59 min/mi184
68:200.97 mi8:36 min/mi184
79:151.15 mi8:04 min/mi177
84:580.64 mi7:48 min/mi185

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