Last set of intervals before the HM

Warmup, then 6 x 1km at 7:40 min/mile pace, with 600m recovery. Heart reate monitor went haywire for the second time on an interval session, despite working fine otherwise. Weird.

19:26 min/mi146
28:45 min/mi137
38:42 min/mi168
48:46 min/mi168
58:50 min/mi168
68:38 min/mi168
0.69:12 min/mi168
Total59:096.6 mi8:53 min/mi160
Average1:59.4400m8:00 min/mi
WU6:440.65 mi10:22 min/mi145
15:001000m8:02 min/mi138
R3:42600m9:55 min/mi143
24:581000m7:59 min/mi152
R3:44600m10:00 min/mi168
34:591000m8:01 min/mi168
R3:47600m10:08 min/mi168
44:581000m7:59 min/mi168
R3:51600m10:19 min/mi168
54:581000m7:59 min/mi168
R3:42600m9:55 min/mi168
64:581000m7:59 min/mi168
WD3:400.35 mi10:28 min/mi168

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