Final race pace run before HM

The GPS signal on my watch was a bit screwy at the start of my run, so the first mile or so was totally off pace wise making it hard to judge – I’m pretty sure I was actually going way faster. Once it settled though I managed a comfortable run at just below race pace. The big hill was a bit slower but felt comfortable. Overall a decent enough final run before my race – looking forward to really going for it on Sunday!

16:11 min/mi-25 ft
26:38 min/mi-4 ft
38:06 min/mi60 ft
48:02 min/mi-22 ft
58:22 min/mi97 ft
68:48 min/mi162 ft
0.48:01 min/mi-15 ft
Total49:106.4 mi7:42 min/mi
12:390.37 mi7:09 min/mi
21:390.20 mi8:07 min/mi
32:380.41 mi6:27 min/mi
42:570.44 mi6:44 min/mi
510:331.28 mi8:14 min/mi
69:091.13 mi8:06 min/mi
77:360.90 mi8:29 min/mi
83:430.40 mi9:12 min/mi
94:580.58 mi8:30 min/mi
103:070.38 mi8:09 min/mi

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