Race pace treadmill run

I came down with a bit of a cold at the weekend, perfectly timed right before my race! Better that weekend than next I suppose. Thankfully the cough I was developing seems to have gone, and apart from still feeling a bit bunged up and tired I am ok. Fingers crossed. I still wanted to get some kind of run in today though, so headed down the gym and decided to run at race-pace and see how I got on.

Running was fine and the pace felt nicely controlled, but I was feeling tired and didn’t want to push myself just in case so stopped after four miles. It’s quite funny how goals change… at the start of the year four miles seemed like an almost impossible goal, now it’s an easy distance I do feeling under the weather?

Anyway, I know nothing I do now is going to affect race performance so didn’t feel too bad. Another run on Thursday then it’s time to see what I can do on Sunday.

18:18 min/mi
28:14 min/mi
38:13 min/mi
410:05 min/mi
Lap Time Distance Pace
Total 34:57 4.0 mi 8:43 min/mi
1 16:41 2.01 mi 8:17 min/mi
2 16:29 1.99 mi 8:15 min/mi

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