First four miles

Last week was a hectic one at work, so I only managed to get out for a few short two mile runs. Frankly I’m pleased I managed even that! I was planning to get right back in to things at the weekend before a cold and sore throat crept up on me on Friday night. Not wanting to aggravate my throat I sat it out until finally today I felt well enough to get going again.

My plan for today was simply to head out and do my best, given I’d not run for almost a week. I decided to take the pace a little slower – I usually start out way too fast in the first few minutes of a run – and at the end of my first 2 mile lap I was still feeling good. I decided to aim for four miles, which I managed in a little over 35 minutes. I was really pleased to hit a new longest run distance, and the 8:50 pace wasn’t too bad either. I have my first 10K race in May, so I’m hoping to start upping my distances and this was a good start.

As I mentioned previously I had been getting rather frustrated by the inaccurate GPS of my iPhone, so I have ended up getting the rather snazzy Garmin Forerunner 610. I’m really pleased with it – the GPS accuracy is excellent and I like that I can now zone out and only check my pace when I need to. The heart rate monitoring is also interesting, but I need to work out my true max HR this weekend as my heart rate zones currently seem a little high compared to how hard I feel the activity is. I’ve already hit 203 BPM on a run, so I’m thinking I might just have a naturally high max heart rate, but we shall see.

18:30 min/mi184-52 ft
29:01 min/mi18552 ft
38:52 min/mi188-52 ft
48:56 min/mi19051 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 35:18 4.0 mi 8:50 min/mi187
1 35:18 3.99 mi 8:50 min/mi187

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