First midweek medium-long run

Bit tired after a late night last night, so kept things nice and easy. Lots of hills towards the end of the run so happy enough with the pace at this stage.

18:42 min/mi1539 ft
28:41 min/mi16214 ft
39:09 min/mi16237 ft
48:53 min/mi1619 ft
59:10 min/mi16569 ft
69:10 min/mi1591 ft
78:59 min/mi161-3 ft
89:20 min/mi171169 ft
99:00 min/mi16790 ft
108:29 min/mi153-191 ft
118:51 min/mi17089 ft
Total1:38:3511.0 mi8:57 min/mi162
122:512.60 mi8:48 min/mi160
223:082.55 mi9:04 min/mi162
318:392.06 mi9:04 min/mi160
411:061.19 mi9:20 min/mi172
522:492.62 mi8:42 min/mi162

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