Gentle run work to home

Had a bit of a niggle on the inside of my left leg just above the ankle after my LSR at the weekend, so was a bit unsure about running today. It felt fine walking though, and I did some heel dips without any trouble so decided to go for it. Felt a little sore still but didn’t get any worse through the run. Fingers crossed it’s nothing major.

18:36 min/mi157-19 ft
28:54 min/mi166-7 ft
39:15 min/mi17052 ft
48:55 min/mi169-10 ft
59:18 min/mi181146 ft
69:09 min/mi17885 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 53:52 6.0 mi 9:01 min/mi170
1 34:24 3.83 mi 8:59 min/mi166
2 4:03 0.48 mi 8:23 min/mi181
3 3:31 0.38 mi 9:17 min/mi182
4 11:05 1.19 mi 9:17 min/mi178

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