Work to home at steady pace

After Monday’s run where my ankle niggle was still noticeable I spent the last two days fighting against my desire to get out and run. Yesterday it felt fine but I decided to give it another day to be safe. Today the run felt fine up until the last mile or so where some soreness was noticeable but no real pain. After icing it for 20 minutes after the run it now feels totally fine with no twinges at all (unlike Monday when I could still feel it after ice) so I’m hopefully with a day of rest tomorrow it might be ok for my longer run Saturday. Will have to play that one by ear and see how I get on…

18:14 min/mi170-12 ft
28:00 min/mi182-8 ft
38:20 min/mi18451 ft
48:29 min/mi182-9 ft
58:16 min/mi180189 ft
0.99:07 min/mi18037 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 49:34 5.9 mi 8:24 min/mi180
1 12:27 1.50 mi 8:16 min/mi174
2 9:13 1.13 mi 8:11 min/mi185
3 9:27 1.16 mi 8:08 min/mi182
4 6:41 0.75 mi 8:52 min/mi182
5 10:59 1.18 mi 9:16 min/mi178

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