Treadmill intervals – 6 × 1km at ~7:50 min/mile pace

Decided to increase the rest pace a little today (around 10:30 min/mile jogs), but still managed to maintain paces a lot better (around 7:45 min/mile) – probably helped by the fact I decided to try it without any incline on the treadmill this time. Jury’s still out on that – will continue to experiment. Having not run a 10K recently, I’m still not really sure if I’m back to, or even above, my fitness prior to my May 10K, but I’m definitely getting there I think.

19:03 min/mi173
28:47 min/mi180
38:41 min/mi183
48:48 min/mi184
58:43 min/mi185
68:45 min/mi184
0.38:30 min/mi190
Total55:036.3 mi8:47 min/mi182
6 ×5:03.51000m8:08 min/mi
Average2:01.4400m8:08 min/mi
WU5:190.52 mi10:18 min/mi163
15:011000m8:04 min/mi187
R3:44600m10:00 min/mi172
25:031000m8:07 min/mi186
R3:35600m9:36 min/mi176
35:051000m8:10 min/mi187
R3:43600m9:58 min/mi178
45:031000m8:07 min/mi189
R3:39600m9:47 min/mi179
55:051000m8:10 min/mi188
R3:40600m9:50 min/mi179
65:041000m8:09 min/mi189
WD:550.09 mi9:44 min/mi188

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