Great Bristol 10K 2016

Spent most of yesterday drinking in the sunshine, so ran this as a slightly hungover tempo run. Pleased with the pace all things considered, felt hard but manageable. Very good race too.


13:596:23 min/mi1872 ft
24:076:37 min/mi193118 ft
34:136:47 min/mi194-84 ft
44:126:46 min/mi194-20 ft
54:116:43 min/mi191123 ft
64:076:36 min/mi192-137 ft
74:126:46 min/mi191-2 ft
84:166:51 min/mi187-2 ft
94:227:02 min/mi1874 ft
104:126:45 min/mi1897 ft
11:165:46 min/mi194-3 ft
Total42:066.2 mi6:46 min/mi190
14:040.63 mi6:24 min/mi187
24:130.64 mi6:37 min/mi193
34:110.62 mi6:45 min/mi194
44:140.62 mi6:47 min/mi193
54:110.63 mi6:37 min/mi191
64:100.62 mi6:40 min/mi192
78:291.25 mi6:48 min/mi189
8:020.01 mi5:34 min/mi188
98:271.24 mi6:49 min/mi188

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