(Kind of) my fastest 10K yet

Fast tempo run home today. Felt hard but manageable, tried to keep up the pace on the hills and ended up with an average 7:52 min/mile, making for my fastest 10K yet – although it did include a few stops at traffic lights. My pace on the flats was sub 7:40 min/miles so pleased with that. Suddenly the goal pace for my 10K race a week on Sunday of 7:33 doesn’t seem quite so far off.

17:17 min/mi1 ft
27:35 min/mi24 ft
37:47 min/mi20 ft
47:37 min/mi13 ft
58:37 min/mi187 ft
68:02 min/mi41 ft
0.38:12 min/mi-18 ft
Total49:056.3 mi7:50 min/mi
13:290.46 mi7:37 min/mi
22:540.41 mi7:01 min/mi
38:491.16 mi7:35 min/mi
43:480.48 mi7:58 min/mi
57:080.94 mi7:35 min/mi
68:331.08 mi7:56 min/mi
74:270.49 mi9:01 min/mi
84:040.50 mi8:08 min/mi
95:540.74 mi7:59 min/mi

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