Great Newham London 10k 2015

Not every day you get to run in the stadium where Rudisha set his WR and Mo Farah won double-gold! Amazing feeling!

Great Newham 10K Finish

14:136:46 min/mi171-3 ft
24:126:45 min/mi188-13 ft
34:186:54 min/mi1904 ft
44:257:06 min/mi18925 ft
54:237:03 min/mi185-7 ft
64:237:03 min/mi1864 ft
74:307:14 min/mi18510 ft
84:327:17 min/mi187-1 ft
94:297:12 min/mi1889 ft
104:277:08 min/mi190-29 ft
11:065:30 min/mi197-1 ft
Total43:576.2 mi7:04 min/mi186
14:150.63 mi6:47 min/mi171
24:150.62 mi6:48 min/mi189
34:210.63 mi6:56 min/mi190
44:260.63 mi7:04 min/mi189
54:240.63 mi7:01 min/mi185
64:280.63 mi7:05 min/mi186
74:330.63 mi7:14 min/mi185
84:350.63 mi7:17 min/mi187
94:290.62 mi7:13 min/mi188
104:060.58 mi7:02 min/mi190

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