Hot, early attempt at tempo run

Tried running to work this morning in an attempt to beat the heat, but even at 7am it was hot and rather humid which made this tough going. Only managed 2.8 miles at slightly less than target pace, but given conditions I’m not going to beat myself up too much. Hate morning running!

19:10 min/mi168-85 ft
29:46 min/mi16785 ft
39:24 min/mi149-190 ft
47:40 min/mi179-58 ft
57:56 min/mi181-0 ft
68:06 min/mi180-34 ft
78:58 min/mi17126 ft
0.48:31 min/mi16926 ft
Total1:04:077.4 mi8:42 min/mi170
127:082.84 mi9:34 min/mi162
21:320.21 mi7:17 min/mi155
312:361.63 mi7:44 min/mi182
48:101.05 mi7:47 min/mi178
514:371.64 mi8:55 min/mi172

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