Humid track session (6×1 mi @ 10K goal pace)

Phew, very humid this morning, absolutely soaked in sweat within one lap! Was aiming for 6:07 per mile for 38:00 10K pace, which is my ultimate goal for my 10K at the end of July, although in aware that’s a fairly ambitious target.

I knew I probably wouldn’t quite hit that today, and indeed I was a little slower. However I wasn’t too far off and considering the early start, weather, and that I’m in the middle of the biggest mileage I’ve ever ran I think it’s a reasonably positive session.

Last time I did these 10K sessions I similarly struggled to quite hit my original goal, only to go on and beat it by 30 seconds in the race. So hopefully my progression will be similar this time!

18:26 min/mi1629 ft
28:21 min/mi160-136 ft
38:25 min/mi166-37 ft
46:24 min/mi179-7 ft
57:27 min/mi1861 ft
67:26 min/mi1844 ft
77:30 min/mi181-0 ft
86:16 min/mi183-0 ft
97:32 min/mi178-0 ft
107:39 min/mi177-4 ft
117:08 min/mi17117 ft
128:18 min/mi1607 ft
Total1:31:0612.0 mi7:34 min/mi173
6 ×6:14.51600m6:16 min/mi
Average1:33.6400m6:16 min/mi
WU26:323.17 mi8:22 min/mi162
16:111600m6:13 min/mi186
R2:52400m11:32 min/mi187
26:071600m6:09 min/mi187
R3:05400m12:24 min/mi177
36:131600m6:15 min/mi186
R3:09400m12:40 min/mi164
46:161600m6:18 min/mi183
R2:55400m11:44 min/mi172
56:191600m6:21 min/mi182
R3:05400m12:24 min/mi171
66:211600m6:23 min/mi181
R:1223m13:59 min/mi182
WD11:421.41 mi8:17 min/mi158

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