Week in Review (W/E 5th June 2016)

Starting to get in to the thick of things now – back to doing doubles this week, and I covered 74.1 miles, my highest mileage week ever. Legs feel pretty good all things considered, I think the yoga and strength training is really helping to keep them feeling fresh. I recovered quickly from the London 10,000, which confirms that I wasn’t running it all out, making the time even more pleasing. Indeed I managed a similar pace after already running 11 miles, as part of my 16 mile progression run on Sunday.

My track session on Thursday went well, starting to get the hang of these shorter interval sessions. Averaged 40s for the 200s, 1:23 for the 400s, which is pretty speedy for me. Nice and consistent over the session too, despite a nasty wind on the back straight. Hopefully with these and more consistent strides sessions I can get my leg turnover up a little and improve my top end speed.

Next week should see me hit 80 miles hopefully. Also start the 10K specific sessions with 6 x 1 mile at 10K goal pace. Not entirely sure what my goal is at the moment – I’d love to hit 38 minutes, but not sure if that’s too ambitious. I guess I will aim for 38:00 pace (6:07 min/mi) and see how manageable that is. Last time I did this plan I struggled to hit my original goal pace initially, but then went on to beat it, so if I can at least get close that’ll be good.

Also planning a parkrun on Saturday. Hoping I might have a PB in me but will have to see how the week goes…

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