Intervals (10K W2 R2)

A while since I last updated! After coming off the C25K plan and just running as I pleased three times a week I have now started a proper training plan for my 10K race at the end of May, based on one from the Asics website. The plan steps up my runs to four a week, with a mix of two harder runs (either fast, or interval) and two slower runs.

10K training plan

I’m actually quite enjoying being back on a more structured routine, and I’ve not found the step up in training to be too much extra work. Indeed this week I increased the runs to four miles from the originally prescribed three, in order to make it a bit more challenging and also build up my weekly milage in a more gradual fashion.

I’m aiming to finish my first 10K in 50 minutes, a fairly ambitious target but one I hope I can manage as long as I put in the training. Given how far I’ve come since starting running at the start of the year, I felt it important to keep on pushing myself. Roll on May!

18:22 min/mi172-49 ft
29:04 min/mi18246 ft
38:35 min/mi182-41 ft
48:49 min/mi18432 ft
0.18:30 min/mi19310 ft
Total35:314.1 mi8:42 min/mi180
1 ×3:10.0500m10:11 min/mi
2 ×4:05.5650m10:07 min/mi
Average2:31.3400m10:08 min/mi
WU4:500.62 mi7:47 min/mi170
13:10500m10:11 min/mi175
R5:071000m8:14 min/mi181
24:07650m10:11 min/mi183
R4:561000m7:56 min/mi186
34:04650m10:04 min/mi175
R5:031000m8:07 min/mi181
WD4:100.43 mi9:40 min/mi189

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