Intervals (6×1000m @ ~6:15 pace)

Breezy today, but managed a good pace. Knee felt ok, no pain or major twinges during the run – slight ache on the bike ride home but nothing major. Definitely getting better, I just need to make sure I don’t overdo things.

18:28 min/mi151-1 ft
26:58 min/mi1781 ft
36:57 min/mi1811 ft
46:59 min/mi1790 ft
56:56 min/mi1860 ft
67:03 min/mi1840 ft
78:56 min/mi155-0 ft
Total52:267.0 mi7:28 min/mi172
6 ×3:56.31000m6:20 min/mi
Average1:34.5400m6:20 min/mi
WU8:150.96 mi8:34 min/mi150
13:571000m6:21 min/mi183
R2:14400m8:59 min/mi172
23:561000m6:19 min/mi183
R2:17400m9:11 min/mi173
33:581000m6:23 min/mi185
R2:14400m8:59 min/mi167
43:541000m6:16 min/mi184
R2:13400m8:55 min/mi180
53:561000m6:19 min/mi188
R2:19400m9:19 min/mi177
63:571000m6:21 min/mi186
R2:10400m8:43 min/mi159
WD6:590.78 mi8:56 min/mi155

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