Breezy tempo around the Severn
(7m @ 7:15 pace)

Knee felt fine during run – no pain and felt pretty good afterwards too. Longest tempo run complete, the seven miles felt comfortable if a little slower than I might have hoped. Was a bit breezy down on the Severn today though so that didn’t help.

18:45 min/mi144-48 ft
27:22 min/mi1741 ft
37:18 min/mi1859 ft
47:08 min/mi185-4 ft
57:18 min/mi186-2 ft
67:17 min/mi1853 ft
77:06 min/mi186-4 ft
87:18 min/mi187-2 ft
98:13 min/mi1705 ft
0.48:59 min/mi1647 ft
Total1:11:289.4 mi7:35 min/mi176
110:301.17 mi8:58 min/mi146
250:507.01 mi7:15 min/mi185
310:071.13 mi8:58 min/mi165

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