Intervals around the Severn
(~7:10 pace)

Battery ran out before the end of the 5th interval, but did about 6.5 miles total.

17:48 min/mi157-40 ft
28:02 min/mi1731 ft
37:59 min/mi17610 ft
47:48 min/mi176-13 ft
58:04 min/mi1792 ft
Total39:415.0 mi7:56 min/mi172
2 ×5:09.01200m6:54 min/mi
1 ×4:49.01050m7:22 min/mi
1 ×4:18.01000m6:55 min/mi
Average1:44.7400m7:01 min/mi
WU4:030.44 mi9:17 min/mi139
15:081200m6:53 min/mi178
R3:11500m10:14 min/mi162
24:491050m7:22 min/mi180
R2:59500m9:36 min/mi167
34:181000m6:55 min/mi182
R3:20600m8:56 min/mi165
45:101200m6:55 min/mi184
R3:08500m10:05 min/mi172
WD3:190.45 mi7:18 min/mi181

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